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by admin on February 28, 2015

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Thankfully we’ve not heard much about Westboro Baptist Church, you know, the “church” (or more like a cult) that pickets funerals. However, after recent conversations, I wonder if East Texas might have a similar active group.
Let me first preface this by saying I’m simply raising the question about this group, not flat out jumping to conclusions because I am curious, and I’d figure they’re not as extreme as Westboro Baptist. The group I’m referring to goes by the “Church of Wells”, as in Wells, Tx.

Last July, I was in Nacogdoches, my college town, for the city’s firework display, and members of the Church of Wells were scattered about. Some were making conversation while others were shouting at the top of their lungs, even during our National Anthem, which to say the least, completely rubbed me the wrong way.
During the fireworks and patriotic music, one member of this institution yelled out something to the effect of, “The fact that ya’ll are enjoying these fireworks is proof that ya’ll put vanity before God.” Then we kept hearing “vanity, vanity, vanity,” being yelled over and over.

One member actually told my friend that based on the fact that he was attending the event, that he was in fact not a Christian. First of all, I’ll let God judge whether or not one has a relationship with Him. Second of all, if you can’t enjoy fireworks to celebrate the birthday of the greatest nation in the history of the world, what can you celebrate?

That method of ‘witnessing’ is the wrong way. Yelling out judgmental and assuming accusations is no way to turn someone to God. It’s not making disciples. I certainly hope the Church of Wells doesn’t thrive to be like Westboro Baptist.

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