True Vine Brewery in Tyler

by admin on March 12, 2015

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Well, Tyler is really, really changing quickly, and from where I sit a lot of it is positive. It’s been a couple of years since Tyler voted to allow alcohol sales and society hasn’t fallen apart, social behavior has not gotten any worse, our city hasn’t turned into 1950s Chicago… ok you get it. But I would suggest the city has improved. Local wine producers have successfully made a niche for themselves, both in terms of business and local culture and now they aren’t the only adult beverage company to put down stakes in our city. Craft brews or micro brews are big business these days. And most cities have their favorites which in some way reflect the local culture, and now Tyler is no different.

True Vine Brewery has been open in Tyler since 2011 and in addition to promoting faith and family values they’re emphasis is on establishing a signature beer that reflects our local flavor and culture. It’s an unusual pursuit for a faith based business, at least in our area, but its finding a place in Tyler, which seems increasingly open to trades that contribute to the development of a downtown “urban” culture. True Vines wares are getting a lot of attention as high quality brews.

True Vine brewery has “Open Taps,” night on the last Saturday of every month. The event runs from 5-8 pm and features live local music, food, art and of course, most importantly, beer! Admission costs 10 dollars in advance or 15 at the door. True Vine brewery is located at 219 South Englewood in Tyler. Also, visit their website at .

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