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by admin on March 13, 2015

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There are days when for whatever reason I’m simply unable to achieve any meaningful work in my own home. I’m just continually distracted by all the menial tasks all around me. On those days I find the best option I have is to leave my progeny either with his grandparents or a friend and find a hopefully quiet coffee shop in which to work.

The difficult thing about Tyler coffee shops is discerning which one works for you. I often start at the Barnes and Noble Starbucks but when my computer runs out of power, it becomes necessary to find greener pastures. I should by the way take the opportunity to reprimand the company. Covering your outlets is obnoxious, and rude. I would frequent the coffee shop more often if I could plug my computer in somewhere in the café. Which means by the way I would spend more money there. And the last time I looked, Barnes and Noble is losing ground fast. Its half toy store these days. Can you really afford to turn away paying customers, even if it’s just for coffee?

I’m generally driven to at least stop by the Starbucks across the street from the bookstore but my complaint about that establishment is that it is so often cramped and noisy depending on the crowd that’s there. Which leads me to the Brookshire’s across Rice road. The grocery has installed a coffee lounge in a relatively quiet corner of the store. The coffee is pretty good but for some reason I find it difficult to study there. Maybe it’s because I can’t spread out my work in front of me, or maybe it’s just because I can’t forget I’m in a grocery store. Whatever the reason I generally choose to continue my search for a better work space.

My favorite coffee shop in Tyler is probably Brady’s coffee. In fact I have passed many hours working there, including writing for this very site. The coffee is probably the best in town, (especially since its local), the owner is genial, and the atmosphere, (at least for me), is very conducive for productivity. The only problem is that it closes at four in the afternoon, which can necessitate a change in venue. It also means no after dinner meet ups.

All this brings me back to where I was when I started this article. Tyler seems to be finding itself in a big way of late. Vineyards, Breweries, downtown development, and new upscale locally owned coffee shops like the foundry. The Foundry is a really neat place that sells locally sourced coffee. The atmosphere is excellent. There are plenty of outlets for those glued to their devices, free internet access (of course) and a lot of open space. The establishment also features live music most Thursday nights. The only problem I can see is the shop could possibly use a few more tables.

For those of us too restless to work at home; Tyler probably has a coffee shop for all tastes. It’s just about deciding what works for you.

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