Abortion Clinic Seeks Spa Like Experience

by admin on March 31, 2015

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Am I allowed to dislike anyone? I mean anyone. Because well… I‘m confused. Sometimes it seems like its ok to dislike some people and not others. For instance, it’s ok to dislike Rush Limbaugh because some people feel like he says hurtful things. And I guess its ok to disagree with offensive speech. But I want to dislike some people because of some of the things they actually do. I mean saying things is not really a crime. We can say all sorts of crazy things right? But what if someone does something I find offensive? Can I think less of them? I’m not talking about restricting their actions, I’m just talking about merely disliking them. Because here’s the thing, it seems like I can’t.

I read an article in the Washington Post about a company called “Carafem,” whose goal it is to remove the stigma of having an abortion, by making their clinic more like a health spa experience. The company is pushing for a total acceptance of the procedure through open story telling by those who have experienced the process. The article likens the tactic to those used by the gay-rights movement. But wait a minute… isn’t abortion already legal? Weren’t we told decades ago that it had to remain “safe and legal?” And it has in fact remained legal, and it’s somewhat safe I guess… At least for half of those going in for the appointment.

But as it turns out safe and legal aren’t enough. My tacit consent to the law, by not harassing clinic patrons, or not standing out on street corners or generally not making a menace of myself, is not enough anymore. It turns out the abortion rights crowd really needs my love and support too. Well sorry but I reserve the right to my opinions. I oppose abortion. And I oppose it, not so much on the admittedly clique arguments about when life begins or when a baby is viable… whatever, science is quickly rendering those arguments moot anyway. I’m against abortion because it’s demonstrably cruel and inhumane, and no amount of shampoo, mani-pedis and soft slippers is going to make me feel better about the procedure, or those that profit by it. So su… uh, take that Carafem! I can’t legally stop you from doing what you’re doing, but you’ll never make me approve of it!

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