The New AT&T Store at the Village at Cumberland Park

by admin on June 29, 2015

in Tyler Businesses

About a month ago or so I tried to do a good thing, and ended up doing a very stupid thing which required me to do a desperate thing which required me to find someone to help me do this desperate thing…. Ok so I’m stretching for a catchy intro.

The story goes like this: My son and I were driving around Lake Palestine where we stopped to sit on a pier for a few minutes and get our feet wet. After a little while the dock became crowded so we gather our few belongings and left. When we got to the car I noticed another visitor stuck in the mud so I set my phone on top of the car and went to offer assistance. As we were driving up 155 toward Tyler, I notice an item fly off the roof of my car. Of course it was my aforementioned phone.

Ok so this is where the story gets a bit more complicated. As I have recently become engaged my fiancée and I had rolled our AT&T accounts into one. We did this right before she left for Europe. So knowing that we had an upgrade coming, I went to the AT&T store at the Mall right next to Chipotle. The “service” I received at that location was absolutely terrible. I will not revisit that location as long as I remain a customer with AT&T. When I explained my situation to the specialist at the store she pulled up my account and found that for some reason I was not primary on the account and I would have to contact my fiancée. I reminded the specialist that she was in Europe, it was two in the morning there and I now had no phone with which to contact her. The reps response: “I’m sorry then there’s nothing I can do to help you.” I left the store to seek some other options which did not in fact pan out. However, in my comings and goings I happened to pass the new AT&T store in the Village at Cumberland Park.

From the moment I entered the new AT&T location, it was different. I explained my circumstances to the rep and we spent three hours trying to figure out how to get a new phone. By the end of the session I had a new phone, which by the way is considerably better than my previous phone. The difference was amazing. How can two branches of the same company function so differently? Simply put, the agent at the new branch wanted to help, the other obviously did not.

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