The Social Security Office in Tyler TX

by admin on October 2, 2015

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This will be an unusual piece for Tyler TX Directory. Why? Because we usually write about local businesses and today I’m writing about the largest of businesses local and out of state, the government, in particular the Social Security Administration. In fact as I type this I am sitting in their Tyler office trying for something like the fourth time to change the name on my adopted son’s social security account. (For readers following at home I’ve been here for about five minutes or so). I figured if I had to be sitting here wasting my time, perhaps I could make up for it by profiting on my experience. So, the last time I was here I took time off work, arranged transportation home from school for my son, gathered my paperwork and waited about twenty minutes to see someone. I waited while another “patron” carried on a loud and incomprehensible conversation with a loved one over the phone one row in front of me only to be told at the first window that I needed to go to another window… after returning to my seat for an additional twenty minutes.

When I’m finally called I present my paperwork. I have my son’s birth certificate, I have his insurance cards, his old social security card, a notarized letter from our attorney on the completion his adoption, (complete with the Seal of the state of Texas by the way), I even have his zoo pass! After looking all these over the mor… uh woman at the window says merely “I need another form of ID please.” Really?! “What kind of ID do you expect a seven year old to have?!” I ask. “I guess I have his passport,” I tell her dumfounded. “That will be fine” she tells me. “But it’s not here,” I reply. “I brought all of this!” “The passport will be fine,” she replies robotically. I leave after muttering something sarcastic.
And by the way, I have now been here about twenty five minutes.

Anyway, after waiting about two weeks to try again, I worked out a time to return. When I pull into the parking lot I’m instantly concerned by how few cars are parked outside. Turns out, it’s Wednesday of course! They close at noon on Wednesday… Doesn’t everyone?! Am I the only one who has to come to work on Wednesday afternoons or is it just a government thing? So now here I am again, on a Thursday afternoon waiting around the Tyler Social Security office for more than a half hour so far…
Oh wait! No never mind. They just called a number close to mine. Of course I could barely hear it due to a baby wailing. Oh good another number, actually getting close now maybe! –Break— So after about forty five minutes my number was called. I was ushered through a maze of cubicles. I started by laying out every shred of identification I had with me. The lady again asked for documentation I didn’t have, and I explained why it shouldn’t matter and that I had brought additional identification to this visit. After about ten minutes of asking questions and explaining her job to the agent, she finally updated my son’s information. Of course I’ll have to wait about two weeks or so for the new card. At least I don’t need to set foot in that office for the foreseeable future.

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