My Spoiled Lunch at Brookshire’s Fresh in Tyler TX

by admin on October 11, 2015

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I just had one to the worst dining experiences I’ve had in Tyler Texas, and no it wasn’t at either Traditions or Sweet Sues. In fact the venue may surprise readers who happened to miss the title of this review. But before I discuss that let me say this. FM music radio is a dying medium that, as far as I’m concerned can’t go away fast enough.

This afternoon following our Church service, my family and I were invited to lunch at Brookshire’s Fresh. We figured, sure the Cowboys don’t play until three thirty, the Rangers seven thirty, why not? So we met our friends, picked the food we wanted for my wife, my son and I, and set about warming it all up in the microwaves provided. Now I really don’t like this sort of self- service buffet style anyway but generally, the food at Fresh is pretty good so I figured I’d deal with it.

When I got out to the patio I could already see the makings of the disaster that would be our lunch. The radio station, 102 “The Blaze” was doing some kind of on location appearance. They had an awning erected emblazoned with the station’s logo and call letters, and a speaker thundering the most abrasive and inappropriate “music” I can think of for the scene and the occasion. Here we were hoping to sit outside on a breezy veranda and engage in light conversation with friends after church. Instead we had to shout at each other just to make ourselves heard. And it got worse when my seven year old son and his friend of around the same age began to pick obscenities out of the music.

Things went downhill from there. My son didn’t like the food, (which was honestly as much his problem as anyone else’s), but it becomes impossible for me to deal with due to the loud and pounding “music,” the obtrusive nature of which is frankly adding to the tension. And the station reps are loitering around completely oblivious to the disruption for which they are responsible! After about a half hour we decided to strike the colors. It just wasn’t working and we were having a terrible time.

Looking back I feel like I wasted almost forty dollars on lunch [at Fresh]. I wish I could get both my time and money back. And I’m more than a little disappointed in Brookshire’s Fresh for inviting “The Blaze” in to do an on location at a supposedly family friendly spot. As an individual, I’m not easily offended, but I should emphasize the presence of numerous families with young children [at Fresh] being exposed to sexually explicit lyrics thundering away courtesy of the Blaze Radio.

It’s going to be a while before I return to Brookshire’s Fresh. The lack of ambiance coupled with having to heat up my own meal makes for more of a hassle than a great dining experience.

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