Living Alternatives, Christian Heritage School and the 4th of July in East Texas

by admin on June 26, 2016

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Every other year or so, someone here at Tyler TX Directory publishes something about the Living Alternative, 4th of July celebration. And while its worth another mention, promoting that event is not my primary purpose for writing this article. The reason I’m talking about it again is that there’s a new vendor at the event this summer. Christian Heritage School of Tyler will be on the Father Heart grounds selling hot dogs, distributing literature and generally making an effort to raise the profile of the school.

Christian Heritage is an institution ripe for growth. With significant changes afoot and an ever growing market for private education in Tyler, the school is now making a greater effort to enroll new students. CHS – Tyler offers challenging and engaging academics, a growing athletics department, a meaningful faith formation, and a rich campus life, all for one of the lowest tuition rates in Town.

As of this fall, the school is fully Renweb enabled. The new on-line system will allow much greater communication and interaction between the home and the classroom. The Staff of Christian Heritage is dedicated to its vocation and each teacher trained and qualified in his or her field.

The CHS July 4th booth will be operated by both staff members and students, so for readers who plan on attending the Living Alternatives event, make a point to speak them and pick up the available enrollment forms. Also, please refer others interested in providing a private education to their students. For more information now, visit the school’s website at .

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