Pastimes, Protests and a Beardless Pitcher

by admin on September 10, 2016

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I hate our nation’s past- time, and I’m not talking about baseball. I dearly wish I could still genuinely refer to one of my favorite sports by that vaunted moniker. No the past- time I hold in such contempt is protesting. I’ve said it before but unfortunately since my parent’s generation we’ve raised our young people to believe that the only true meaning to be found in life is found in demonstrating one’s opposition to absolutely anything in the most obnoxious and disrespectful manner, humanly possible.

Given my feelings on this subject one can imagine something of my response to the rash of NFL player protests. It goes something like this: “Hey morons! I watch football so that I can escape socio-political commentary! I don’t want it in my past- times! I do not care about your message. I don’t want you to speak out on the playing field! You want to raise a ruckus? Write a book!”

All that being said, I did read a story about one truly “protest worthy” cause. It seems the Miami Marlins have a no facial hair policy! As a bearded man myself I find this policy prejudicial and outrageous! Really in this day and age?! When we’ve made so much progress as a society. Well one starting pitcher is standing up for his rights. But Andrew Cashner, isn’t carrying a sign, or attempting to annoy fans with disrespect. He isn’t coining slogans like bearded lives matter, he’s simply saying he’ll leave the team and sign with a more folically progressive ball club. This is a form of protest I can endorse.

The problem with protestors like the ones in the NFL is really two fold. First off, socio- politics has infected every area of their lives. They simply can’t turn it off. Furthermore, they’re looking for meaning in their lives and for whatever reason working hard, raising a family and generally trying to be a good human being isn’t doing as much for them as it does the rest of us.
The fact is, the NFL is already a very political organization. It has been for years. The problem is, I and others like me don’t want to watch a three- hour political commercial (sorry Costas). We want to escape the news not watch it made by overpaid adolescents looking for a cause. If that continues we may just look elsewhere for that escape.

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