Motherhood and Fatherhood in the Age of Sexual Confusion

by admin on February 10, 2017

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I read an article last week about a “suggestion,” that was put forward by the British Medical Association [BMA]. The suggestion was of course just another point of compliance, social and political correctness is demanding of the upcoming generation. And its these demands are daily pushing western culture into a world- wide game of make believe where we all close our eyes to objective reality and allow others to believe that the plastic tea cups are actually, fine china and the air we’re all sipping is in fact earl grey tea.

Of course, what I’m referring to is the BMA’s request that its staff and members not use gender specific terms like “expectant mothers,” or (I assume) “mothers” because the terms are “shaming” to “intersex and transgender” men who may also be pregnant. I could go on to try and explain the thinking, (if it’s possible to refer to it as such), behind the request but it’s just a process of pilling one absurdity upon another and grows tedious.

But this article wasn’t written to argue for or against transgenderism. Quite the opposite. As a Christian I can only feel genuine sympathy for those who are wrestling with issues of identity and depression. Instead what I’m suggesting is that Motherhood and fatherhood are quite literally as old as humanity. They are in fact the very basis of human civilization and survival. These concepts are truisms beyond negotiation and are not going to change on the basis of re- stylized language.

But beyond that as a society we have completely lost sight of the beauty and the value of our sexual identity to the point that we deny its physical reality. And for those of us who are not confused, culture demands that we should be, or rather that we should make it impossible for others to escape their confusion. Ultimately, we seem to be rushing towards self- destruction. We’re suffering from a cultural self- loathing and rather than treating the ill we’re playing along with their delusion; like conceding to the anorexic that she is in fact, overweight. But at some point, it all has to stop because merely changing our terminology isn’t helping anyone. It’s merely making fools of all of us.

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