Why I Love Pope Francis and Maundy Thursday

by admin on April 13, 2017

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I understand that some Americans are skeptical of the current Pope when it comes to some of his political and economic views. In fact, I share that skepticism in some regards. But here is one area where I have no reservations: Pope Francis loves Jesus, and he loves people. Here is a man who actually conspires to escape the confining, safety of the Vatican and be a priest to those with no power and no influence, and he does it without an audience. And what’s more, he insists that his bishops participate.

I love Pope Francis because today, on Maundy Thursday, (the day when Christians remember Christ’s last supper and his washing of the apostles’ feet) he will be visiting with and washing the feet of twelve convicts serving life sentences. This is actually, a traditional act that started (I believe but may be mistaken) with John XXIII, one of the great popes of all time. It is said that by the time he completed washing the feet of the prisoners every man present was weeping.

I love his radical commitment to the emulation of Christ’s actions. It’s reminiscent of Jesus recognizing the dying thief on the cross next to him, telling him that they would be together in paradise. Have a Blessed Holy Week and a Happy Easter East Texas.

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