The Tanning Zone in Tyler Texas

by admin on September 2, 2009

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The Tanning Zone, Tyler, TX(Located on Broadway just south of the Loop)

8 out of 10 Stars – rate The Tanning Zone

 The Tanning Zone of Tyler, TX has a friendly and helpful staff and clean environment for anyone who desires to go tanning regularly. Prices are excellent with summer specials and package deals for frequent tanners, but smaller month-by-month packages and walk-in prices are available for anyone as well. The sales people are there to help you decide which package would work best for your tanning salon needs.  Operating hours for the business are flexible enough to fit most everyone’s schedule. Not every room with a tanning bed is a consistent size; one or two rooms may be a bit too tight for some. Many of the tanning beds are older models than what may be out on the current market but seem to operate sufficiently.  Waiting as long as 30 minutes for an open bed during the typical tanning seasons should be expected occasionally at high traffic times.  Location of the business is ideal for anyone who may be running errands or going out to eat since it is located just off the Loop and Broadway.  Over all, The Tanning Zone is an excellent Tyler business with good customer service, cleanliness, location and price.

We would like to warn anyone considering using a tanning salon to think again especially if you are young. Skin cancer is one of the most deadliest forms of cancer and tanning beds have been connected directly with this form of cancer. If you are young you have a much higher chance of developing skin cancer later on in life as your cells start to change over time from the exposure to the sun. Tanning beds are very risky business and we would like to encourage you to start wearing sun block and have a more natural sun tan without over doing it.

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