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by admin on August 28, 2010

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Tyler has a surprisingly active aviation community. While Pounds Field is only a regional airport, it is one of the larger of its type outside of the Dallas Metroplex. In fact the Tyler airport is home to a number of Fixed Base Operators (FBO). An FBO is a company that is either privately or publicly owned, which provides any number of services to aircraft owners and pilots.

These may include every thing from aircraft washing and refueling, to mechanical repair, often charter flights and hanger space rental, or any number of other potential services. Of the three or four FBOs in Tyler (or east Texas for that matter), the one with hands down, the most high end, quality customer support, is the Jet Center of Tyler (JCT).

Jet Center offers the full range of services, including a lounge for pilots and passengers, and an on- site car rental agency. The Skyline Café is housed in a neighboring building within the Historic Aviation Memorial Museum, (beneath the control tower). The staff there can provide nearly any kind of assistance the customer requires.

Some very famous names have passed through their doors, but the company is careful to protect the privacy and anonymity of its customers. Discretion is the better part of public relations you might say.

Despite the name, the Jet Center of Tyler is there for all types of aircraft, including medical, military and defense department aircraft. (I’m no expert but it is my understanding that the requirements of government equipment makes servicing them a very selective process that very few FBOs are equipped to handle). Any number of curriers and air delivery services of varying sizes make regular stops here as a part of their normal routes.

Numerous pilots attest to the fact that the staff of JCT is enormously helpful regardless of the size of the aircraft or the names on the passenger manifest. For those of us Tylerites who can afford to operate our own planes, (and I’m not one of them by the way) I would recommend choosing JCT as your regular FBO. The quality of their staff and service is by all accounts impeccable.

For more information on the Jet Center of Tyler visit their webpage at http://websmart66.net/cgi-bin/p/w66p-home.cgi?d=jet-center-of-tyler. Also, to read some revealing customer reviews go to http://www.airnav.com/airport/KTYR/JET_CENTER.

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