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by admin on November 24, 2009

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In Tyler TX we really have a unique situation compared to the rest of the country. We have seen the 4th straight month with rising home prices although the prices have not risen that dramatically. At least Tyler real estate is seeing a shift up instead of prices continuously going down like we have seen in cities like Detroit. One major issue is that a large majority of home owners owe more on their homes than what they are worth. We really want to get to the point where people have enough equity in their homes that if things got bad they could sell their homes without the need to foreclose on their house.

Everyone is familiar with those home flipping shows where people buy really bad rotting houses and fix them up for resell. Most people have gotten out of the home flipping business and many of these businesses are now remodelling houses in Tyler TX. A good way to build equity in your Tyler home is to have your kitchen or bathroom remodelled. We have had our kitchen remodelled and have plans in the works to get our bathrooms redone. When choosing a home remodelling company we looked around at several construction companies that could do the job. What we discovered was that a licensed home builder costs a lot more than a builder that is insured and bonded. You really only need a licensed by the state home builder if you plan on getting a home remodeling loan for $10,000 or above. Most home remodeling companies can have you pay $10,000 to one construction crew member and $10,000 to another if you were approaching $20,000 and still avoid the bank requirement for a licensed builder. This will save you a lot of money as an insured but not licensed builder will usually cost you a lot less for your remodeling project.

It all depends on which home remodeling company you pick as some may say all the right things, take your money, and than never return. You want to choose a company that has a history of doing quality work more than just a few times. Builders are notorious for opening up, taking money, and leaving half way through a project. One of the biggest scams has to do with construction companies running off with peoples money. They usually cannot even be charged with a crime if they did any work at all as they can claim that they completed part of the job and were only paid for part of the construction job.

The home remodeling company we used to increase equity in our Tyler house is R and R Home Creations. They can be reached at 1-903-574-0375. Josh Rucker is the owner and they specialize in kitchen and bathroom tile and back splash although can also do other things such as drywall, texturing, and painting. When picking a home remodeling company you want to hire someone based on their specialty. We have been very pleased with Josh Rucker and his crew. They have put together a tile job behind our wood burning furnace that is designed very well and is very sturdy. For instance, our stove weighs close to 1,000 pounds but they set the stove on bricks while at the same time making it appear the stove is sitting on ceramic tile. You cannot even tell that is what they did but it helps make the point that they have achieved a learning curve on tile work that only years of experience could teach someone.

When hiring a construction contractor to remodel your home we recommend following a few suggestions. It is ok if you get a building contractor to do a few extra things outside their specialty but when you go to far off what they are good at you end up with less quality work and spending the same you might have paid someone experienced in that line of work to do. We think it is a good idea to hire someone in the family or a friend to do expensive electrical work as hiring an electrician can really tack on a lot of extra cost to a remodeling project. Tile work is easy to do but once you get into more advanced design you are better off to let an experienced tile installer do the job.

Painting, drywall, and texturingis something that many professional contractors know how to do even if their specialty is something else. It is always good to price your painting and drywall work out witha few contractors until you find a good price. You always want to make sure they are good enough to not leave you high and dry as this could very easily happen if you are unfamiliar with the person. A website showing referals and jobs completed, yellowpageslisting, a newspaper ad, and other signs like these will give you knowledge if the business has been around awhile. Asking for a couple recent jobs that were completed along withthe peoples phone numbers can give you the confidence to go ahead with hiring a contractor. A Tyler TX building contractor that offers several choices and options for cabinets, drywall, painting, and so on will let you know if they are experienced in what they do. An experienced building contractor will have choices available for their niche building area because that is all they do. They will have likely done the same job in many different ways and will be able to offer more than one design and technique for completing a job. Someone that knows of only one way may not be the best choice unless their price is cheap and the job is something simple like painting a wall or framing something in.

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