Safe Crime Free Apartments in Tyler Texas

by admin on December 2, 2009

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When I moved back to Tyler Texas I was looking for a good apartment that wasn’t too expensive but was low on crime. One easy way I found to check on the crime rate at a given apartment was to call the Tyler Police and ask for the 911 call report for an apartment complex. The police have an excel spreadsheet that logs just how many calls were made and of what type for each apartment complex in Tyler. The Establishment had an exceptional record and beyond there low crime rate they have a very good management staff. I have been to some apartments in Tyler where the management seemed very cold and unconcerned. The management at The Establishment makes no apologies for wanting only low key individuals that aren’t of the partying type of personality and I was all for something like this. It is annoying when you have punks next door getting drunk and throwing up on your car every weekend. This was never the case at The Establishment in Tyler Texas.

The manager at The Establishment will check your credit just like all apartments in Tyler will do and they will ask you for some type of deposit. I can’t remember what our deposit was but I think it was around $200. Depending on if your credit is bad or good you may have to pay more than this. The Establishment really caters to older adults and professionals so if you come in there with pink hair and sagging pants you will probably be given a frown. There are plenty of apartments for teenagers looking for a good social scene and who don’t mind walking outside and seeing somebody back from the bar peeing on the sidewalk. The good news is it will be very unlikely to see this type of behavior at The Establishment. To give you an idea on the prices on apartments at The Establishment you will get a slightly higher rental rate then maybe an apartment at The Dove Tree apartment complex but your apartment will be in much better shape and with no bug problems.

The pest control people come into your apartment every few months like clockwork and because of this I never saw even a single cockroach. The rooms are larger than other apartments I visited in Tyler and you will have a pretty big porch or balcony depending on if you are on the first or second floor. The swimming pool at The Establishment is hardly ever used and so it makes for a nice summer getaway for those who enjoy the outdoors during the summer. There is a barbecue grill near the pool if you want to cook a steak and swim.

A big part of the whole apartment experience is a good relationship with the manager. The manager at The Establishment when I lived there was Carol and she was amazing. She is a very polite professional woman and really accommodates you if you are a good paying tenant. I imagine as with any Tyler apartment complex if you fail to pay your rent and party on the weekends you may have some issues with management but for people like me I say good and go ahead and kick out the riffraff. Safety for my children, wife and personal belongings will always come first ahead of watching an entertaining drunken display at 2:00 a.m.

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