How Are Granite Countertops Priced?

by admin on December 2, 2009

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You can call our preferred Tyler Texas granite counter top company at : 1-903-520-6821. Ask for Hank Pruitt
Tyler Texas Custom Granite Countertops
When remodeling your Tyler home you will want to be sure and get the best price for your different remodeling jobs. One remodel that really makes your house transform into something completely different is upgrading your counter tops to granite. Some people will totally demo out their cabinets and replace them with custom cabinetry. Sometimes all that needs to be done is to add new updated doors. The counter however is almost never originally granite and so by removing an old outdated countertop that may be laminate or some other material and replacing it with granite you will be adding a lot of value to your Tyler homes equity.

You will want to get some ballpark figures on the cost of custom granite countertops. If you are not dealing with the right company they may try to take you for what they think they can get. For instance, just yesterday I was talking with a painter who was telling me about a contractor that was charging $5,000 for a small cabinet painting job that should have really been priced at around $2,000.

By getting bids from a few different granite countertop companies in Tyler TX you will save yourself a lot of money and avoid being taken by a dishonest home contractor. We would like to recommend a custom granite countertop company that is honest and ethical in their business dealings. They price right and will not try and take you for what they think they can get. You will get a quote based on how much the material costs and with industry standard labor costs added on. Hank Pruitt will not attempt to inflate your countertop prices and will educate you on the pricing costs and how the process works.

You Can Be Priced By The Foot or By The Slab

We had a very good experience working with Hank and we really liked how he explained the pricing of the granite countertops. For instance, the stock countertops are priced by the foot and are generally cheaper. The exotic granite slabs are priced by the slab and can be quite a bit more expensive depending on which one you choose. The best way to get an accurate prce on your granite countertop job is to go to the granite slab yard at US Granite and pick out the one you want. Hank will then price the job based on exotic are stock granite. We were able to get by with just two slabs of exotic granite without much left over. This allowed us to not have to spend too much because of a ton of left over material.

When they came over to install the counter tops I was surprised with just how heavy these things are. He had two guys with him to carry each piece into the house. They carefully navigated through the house without scratching the walls or appliances.

You can call our preferred Tyler Texas granite counter top company at : 1-903-520-6821. Ask for Hank Pruitt

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