Caldwell Zoo Tyler Texas

by admin on September 2, 2009

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Caldwell Zoo, Tyler, TX

9 out of 10 Stars – Rate Caldwell Zoo and Give a Customer Review

Anyone looking for entertainment, young or old, should definitely try the Tyler, TX Caldwell Zoo. This place has a fun environment for groups of children and families. Admission prices for children and adults are very reasonable. The Caldwell Zoo has an excellent variety of animals, considering the population size of Tyler. Petting zoo is somewhat mediocre because there are fewer animals than expected and very little room for animals to roam around but is well worth the visit because of the kinds of animals throughout the rest of the zoo. The best time to see larger animals such as the white tigers is during feeding time which is typically in the evening a couple of hours before the zoo closes.  Also, the in the evening there tends to be less foot-traffic if a group is less inclined to big crowds. One of the best parts of Caldwell Zoo is the small bird cage exhibit.  This would be good for smaller children because of the close interaction to the birds to stimulate a child’s curiosity and interest. Overall, The Caldwell Zoo would be an excellent venture for the whole family to enjoy.

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