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by admin on December 3, 2009

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Tyler seems to be the retirement capital of East Texas and perhaps Texas and because of this you have many people needing to have hearing tests done and get a hearing aid for themselves. Most hearing aid tests can be done free by a local hearing aid company also known as an audiologist. The government has different programs that run each year that can help subsidize the cost of a hearing aid and reduce the cost dramatically. A hearing aid company in Tyler that has a licensed audiologist can explain the benefits of a hearing aid test and what type of products are available to improve your hearing.

If you are a guy like me you may find it hard to admit that your hearing is getting bad and you might need a hearing aid. We have someone in our family that is getting up there in age and he literally screams when he talks. His hearing isn’t that good and I guess he talks so loud in order for him to hear his own voice. To him he is speaking correctly because he doesn’t hear himself as loud as other people do.

These same people that are losing their hearing will have to pretend to be hearing people at a certain point when the hearing gets really bad. After the 5th time of asking someone to repeat themselves you start to feel a little uncomfortable asking again. Eventually when speaking back and forth with people you start studying lips and attempting to lip read which isn’t very easy. Family members start to get mad at you because they think you are ignoring them or being selfish reading or watching a show.

Before the frustration of having bad hearing gets to you and your family I recommend checking with a local Tyler Texas hearing aid company. They will be able to check your hearing and show you hearing aid products that will work for your situation. There are also online hearing aid companies that sell hearing aids at discount prices and work with the government to get insurance to cover most of the cost of a hearing aid.

The online discounters that sell hearing aids will usually have licensed to do hearing tests come to your home, independent Tyler TX assisted living location, or apartment. They will test your hearing and get you setup with the hearing aid you need.

844 South Fleishel Avenue, Tyler, TX‎ – (903) 595-1811‎
Category: Hearing Aids

Beltone Hearing Center of Tyler‎
1329 South Beckham Avenue, Tyler, TX‎ – (903) 595-5580‎
Category: Hearing Aids

Jones Hearing Center Inc‎
626 South Broadway Avenue, Tyler, TX‎ – (903) 593-9112‎
Category: Hearing Aids

Platten Hearing Test Center‎
1719 Troup Highway, Tyler, TX‎ – (903) 593-8215‎
Category: Hearing Aids

Audibel Hearing Aid Centers‎
5100 Old Bullard Road, Tyler, TX‎ – (903) 561-9992‎
Category: Hearing Aids

Sears Hearing Aid Center‎
4701 South Broadway Avenue, Tyler, TX‎ – (903) 561-5114‎
Category: Hearing Aids

Trinity Clinic-Ear Nose-Throat‎
417 South Saunders Avenue, Tyler, TX‎ – (903) 533-1491‎
Category: Hearing Aids

Benke Theodore T MD Facs‎
417 South Saunders Avenue, Tyler, TX‎ – (903) 533-1491‎
Category: Hearing Aids

Audiology Associates of East Texas – David Twomey‎
1018 Pruitt Place, Tyler, TX‎ – (903) 592-8374‎
Category: Hearing Aids

ENT Associates of East Texas‎
3413 Golden Road, Tyler, TX‎ – (903) 592-3666‎
Category: Hearing Aids

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