The city of Kerens Texas Speed Trap

by admin on September 4, 2010

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Kerens Texas Speed TrapFrom time to time I have to drive through towns like Kerens and Malakoff Texas to get to San Antonio, Austin, and New Braunfels.

A lot of us in Tyler TX make this drive for various reasons.

Some have kids going to college at UT Austin. Others are spending a vacation in San Antonio, The River Walk, Sea World, The Alamo or Schlitterbahn Water Park.

With the Splash Kingdom water park nearby I don’t care to drive to Schlitterbahn water park anymore but still I must make this trip through these speed trap festering towns.

One thing I discovered this last trip I took was that there were atleast two unmarked police cars with radar guns mixed in with the regular cop cars.

You would drive past a regular police car only to have s disguised police car come by a few minutes later with radar on.

When driving through Kerens Texas the speed limit dramatically decreases within very short intervals.

It is virtually impossible for travelers to not see a squad car drive past you when going through this area.

My radar detector picked up two police cars with KA bands and I stomp on my breaks every time even though I am going the speed limit.

There is always the fear that I might be going over from missing a speed sign and so I must stomp on the breaks.

I am not crazy to be as paranoid as I am when driving through Kerens Texas.

It really is a terrible city for drivers and family vacationers. You can very easily end up with a $200 speeding ticket and a much higher car insurance payment if your not careful.

These speed traps in these cities create an unbelievable fear over me simply because they are legally robbing me blind when I get pulled over in these speed traps.

I am a safe driver and I pay attention to road signs but the sneaky speed changes in Kerens TX could easily be made clearer.

The police in this town most definitely use the situation for income generation for the city budget with little regard for families who will see their insurance fees go up.

This last trip I made to San Antonio was a good one. I have an Escort passport radar detector and was put on notice every time a radar gun was remotely near.

I did not receive a ticket in Kerens Texas this recent trip but I am remembering the many tickets me, family, and friends have all received driving through this town over the span of many many years.

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admin September 3, 2010 at 6:52 pm

Tyler has its own issue with the amount of traffic citations given compared to the rest of the state but Kerens has got to be way up there.


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