Marcus Luttrell Comes to Tyler

by admin on September 9, 2010

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Marcus Luttrell

Marcus Luttrell

The Book Lone Survivor was a number one New York Times bestseller in the non-fiction section. It tells the story of Seal Team Ten’s battle with a Taliban warlord and his army of around two hundred fighters. For days the four man seal team bled the enemy of men and resources before being killed themselves, all but one that is. After watching each of his comrades literally fight to the death, author Marcus Luttrell evaded and killed the enemy over incredibly hostile terrain all the while nursing wounds that threatened to kill him as well. The book is an excellent read. It gives the reader a much better understanding of the conflict in Afghanistan, as well as the rules of engagement our soldiers have been saddled with the last few years. On top of it all, the story proves the maxim that the truth is stranger, (or at least more amazing), than fiction.

Why the little book report? Because the book’s author Mr. Luttrell will be visiting Tyler tomorrow night, September, the tenth, for a dinner and book signing sponsored by Barnes and Noble. The former petty officer, himself a proud East Texan, has started the Lone Survivor Foundation to help returning wounded veterans. Tomorrow night’s event will be held at Holly Tree Country Club, and runs about one hundred dollars a ticket. While the price is high proceeds go to benefit the troops. So if you’ve got the money to drop, you can’t ask for better cause.

Mr. Luttrell’s visit precedes the Country for our Country concert where he will also be appearing, by a day. That event will be held on September eleventh, and features a whole list of country western artists, in addition to Mr. Luttrell. Again, all proceeds go the support wounded soldiers. For more information on the Barnes and Noble book signing event, click on the following link To learn more about the Country for our Country concert follow the link listed below:

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TRH February 8, 2011 at 7:13 am

I was glad to hear that Mr. Luttrell received a mention from Troy Aikman when honoring the vets Sunday night!


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