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by admin on September 9, 2010

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Growing up in Tyler sometimes there seems like there is not much for a teenager to do. A group of people felt like they should start a dance club for teens to hang out at and have a good time. The only people allowed in the club are teenagers that are 13-17. The dance club Area 51 is located at the old movie theater off of fifth street across from Brookshire’s and The Scroll Christian book store. The old cinema has been redecorated with colorful lights and a large dance floor.

If you are a worried parent you can ask the staff to meet with you. They are willing to give you a tour of the dance club. They do not allow anyone older than 17 in the club during the nights they are opened and that includes parents. The club has security provided by the Tyler police department. They do not tolerate any drugs, alcohol or tobacco products. The dance club seems to be pretty safe for the most part. They also have a loose dress code, they simply ask that the girls to cover their unmentionables and that they do not have underwear sticking out. They ask that guys will not show their underwear nor wear really baggy pants. The club also asks that people do not wear base ball caps.

The club sells soft drinks, bottled water, and energy drink. The snacks that they sell are chips, cookies, ice cream, and candy. They have all types of the most current music to dance to. If you want to you can put in a special request in to the DJ. They have air hockey, crane machines and a couple pool tables.

There is a place now that teens can go and that is secure for the most part. Area 51 does reserve the right to search bags and person. And if they feel that your actions are inappropriate or if you are dressed inappropriately they can ask you to leave. If you are still concerned you can contact the owners and talk with them.

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