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by admin on September 10, 2010

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If you have been shopping at Brookshire’s Grocery Company, I am sure that you have heard of the current game that is going on. The “Thanks a Million, Collect & Win Game” is very simple to play. Use your “thank you” card to collect game pieces. Ask the store cashier for a game board. Match the pieces to their proper places on the board. The more money you spend in the store, the more game pieces you will receive.

They offer many different prices, cash, cars, gift cards, and a chance to win a cruise, a $10,000 home remodel, and even an Apple iPad. The car prizes include a Ford F-150 truck, a Ford Escape Hybrid, and a Ford Mustang. They have cash prizes from two dollars to the grand prize of a million dollars. They also have gift card prizes worth twenty to five hundred dollars.

They have drawings for a cruise, I was so excited to quickly get the second game board piece, then I realized that you can enter for the cruise. They do drawings for fourteen cruises. You must send you information (on a 3”x5” index card) and the pieces to Food Club Carnival Cruise Sweepstakes.

Many people want to know which pieces are the most valuable. We have opened hundreds of pieces and have not won even the two dollar prize, which they claim has 50,000 prizes available. When all of the prizes, we are only one or two pieces short of winning. The most valuable pieces, to win the million dollar prize, are B02 and B06, (middle Oreo piece, and hotdog piece).

The closest we have gotten to a large prize is one away from the Apple iPad. The hardest piece to get for that prize is B62 (part of the first cupcake). Out of all the game pieces we have opened we can not even win the smallest prize of $2 cash (hardest piece to find B89). The largest Brookshire’s gift card is worth $500 (the hardest piece to find being B40). Anything over the value of the $500 gift card it is hard to find two game pieces. Each of the cars has two valuable pieces.

The Ford F-150’s most valuable pieces are B07 and B08 (Zatarain’s Jambalaya mix, and Zatarain’s Creole Seasoning). The two pieces that are the most valuable pieces to win the Ford Escape Hybrid are B19 and B20 (Pop Tarts piece, and Special K piece). The Ford Mustang’s most valuable pieces are B22 and B26. Besides the million dollars grand prize, Brookshire’s also have cash prizes worth $50,000, $25,000, and $5,000 (the hardest pieces to find for those prizes are B13, B15, B29, B30, B41, and B44).

Brookshire’s game also has twenty available home remodeling prizes worth $10,000, the two pieces that are the hardest to find are B32 and B35. If you opened the pieces that I have listed I would recommend that you start playing the game.

They have an online game. In each pack of game pieces they have an online game code. Go to the Brookshire’s website and enter the nine digit code and have a chance to win over $1,180,000 in cash, gift cards, iPads, carnival cruises, and vehicles. Although I am a frequent Brookshire’s shopper, the online game would not take my Thank You Card number. I was pretty frustrated constantly retyping the same number on the back of my card. I never really got to play the online game.

Every pack of game pieces includes a coupon or an “instant win” when you can win more game packs. We have 25 cents off cat food coupons lying all around our house. Although it seems like we are not going to win even the $2 cash, we are going to keep filling out the game board. Hopefully we will start getting better luck.

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dbltbl September 13, 2010 at 2:39 pm

I am also enjoying playing this game. You may watch when attempting to enter either the number zero or the letter O when using the online game for either your thank you card number and then for the game codes. You may need to try entering numbers that seem not to work with the zero and then try the letter O to see if you can get the website to recognize it. zeros on the game codes have a a slash thru them. All I have won on the game codes were chances to get extra game pieces but most all the codes say NOT A WINNER. I havent won anything either and like you have filled up most of the card to where I havent gotten to paste anything on in a while..oh well… I had to go there anyway 🙂


ARecentStudy September 19, 2010 at 5:10 am

Cheat sheet for the pieces she says are valuable:

B02, B06, B07, B08, B13, B15, B19, B20, B22, B26, B29, B30, B32, B35, B41, B44, B62, B89


cmglitter September 21, 2010 at 9:13 am

I play the game and all the game pieces that are mentioned that are hard to find are the same ones I that I have missing. It makes me wonder if the "game pieces" are in a safe somewhere and maybe just a few are sent out. The 25 cent coupons are unusuable for the products that I purchased. I feet it's just another one of "rip off" promotions to get your money.


KB September 28, 2010 at 3:14 pm

I think this is just a plan to get everyone to spend more money at Brookshires.

Do they even make the pieces that you mentioned? HHHMMMM


Rick Ellis October 1, 2010 at 12:38 am

Hey, guys—–we absolutely want someone to win all the large prizes that we have in our Thanks a Million game! We've insured those prizes, so basically they've already been paid for, so why not give them away?? In our last game, in 2007, we had a young high school football coach from Glen Rose, Texas win a Million Bucks, so yes, we do have winners.

Thanks for playing the game, and especially for shopping at Brookshire's. We REALLY appreciate you all!


Ms Wanttowin November 18, 2010 at 1:13 pm

I'm playing the game since it started. I made several trip to Brookshires hoping that I would win a big prize. I need game piece B15 for 50,000 and B29 for 25,000 , only 1 away for the big prize. If you have that piece we sure can split the prize. I also need B 46, 53, 40, 55, 61, 62, 68, 70.


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