East Texas State Fair

by admin on September 12, 2010

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East Texas state fairThe crazy drivers, the fried food, the nauseating rides, the biggest cattle around; that is right! The East Texas State Fair is back. So ignore all roads near the Tyler Rose Garden from September 23 until October 3. During the Tyler TX fair times the drivers are so impatient and decide to slam on there breaks right in the middle of the road.

State Fairs are known for the fried food, roller coasters, cattle competitions, and entertainers. East Texas’s fair is no different. The vendors fry anything, including candy bars, ice cream, cakes, and even butter. The idea of frying butter or Snicker bars just sounds really to gross for me. I do not understand the hype about fair food. I just want to go home, take a shower, and brush the coats of grease off of my teeth after eating there. Plus there is something about the kids throwing up all their food after getting off the quick spinning rides that makes me not want to eat ever again.

You may be thinking that I am a prude that just hates fairs. In a way you are right they are dirty, there is a thick cloud of smoke all through the fair grounds, and the most of the shows are cheesy and annoying. Although I love roller coasters, I do not like to ride on roller coasters that break down and gets re-set up. I have been on rides that I got stuck on and rides that broke.

There are things I love about the Tyler fair, like the art shows. It is amazing to see the talent of East Texas. I really love to look at other people’s paintings, drawings and photographs. The fair offers many scholarships for East Texan high school seniors. Many businesses sponsor the fair and also show off their businesses. They have booths to explain their businesses, and some are trying to higher employees and interns. They have many cattle shows and competitions. For all the rules and information for both livestock competitions and junior livestock competitions you can visit their website. Their also is horticulture competitive exhibits, and pasture and wildlife plant identification contest.

Many people have a great time at the Tyler TX fair, and many kids love the animals, rides, cheesy kid’s entertainers, bright lights, and finding the fattest cows and pigs. It is amazing how kids can look through the clouds of smoke, the litter on the ground, the rude people, and the horrible parking; and they just see the games that you five bucks to play and win a two dollar prize, and cool car shows, ice cream, and cotton candy.

The fair has days that you can bring canned food and get in free. I think this is a great way to give back to the community. The East Texas State fair really does offer great opportunities for all different people in Tyler for scholarships and jobs.

Cool Videos from the East Texas State Fair

Sand Sculpture

Fried Foods

Texas Longhorns

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