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by admin on September 14, 2010

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We have been living in a small apartment for a while and felt like it was about time to look into what it took to move into a house of our own. We had seen a couple houses in the Whitehouse area with a sign in the front yard for Coldwell Banker United Realtors. I had decided to go ahead and call about the houses to see how much we needed and to talk to someone about the process. I had called the office of “the Judy Kunzman team” and talked to Paula Crouch. I was pretty confused on what to do first and where to start. Paula Crouch was really understanding helped me get the process started. I expressed to her my price range and how big of a house we wanted. We need a house that is at least three bedrooms and it is very important to us to have a nice yard. Above all of that I wanted to be sure that we lived in a safe neighborhood.

After calling all different lending firms, for information about getting pre-approved for a loan, we had a chance to meet Paula Crouch and she showed us around a couple houses. The houses that she showed us were perfect. Both of the houses were clearly in our price range and they had gated back yards. Both of the houses were in the same safe neighborhood. Most of the people in the neighborhood also had small children. Paula was very honest with us and she showed us the good things about the houses but she expressed the concerns that she had about both houses.

We ended up running into some issues with our apartment contract and with getting the loan that we originally wanted. Paula Crouch was very understand with our situation. Although we decided to wait for a few months to buy a house, we will definitely call up Paula Crouch to help us find the perfect home for our family.

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