East Texas Idol

by admin on September 15, 2010

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Every year the country starts to talk about talented young singers auditioning to be America’s next super star. American Idol quickly has become one of the most popular reality television shows ever to air. Everyone has heard of David Cook, Kris Allen, and Jordan Sparks, but what about Lindsey Morgan Mitchell? Mitchell is the 2010 winner of East Texas Idol.

At the end of every summer for the last few years Tyler has been the home of East Texas Idol. They have had auditions in the middle of the Broadway square mall, Bergfeld Park, and this year was in the Cascade’s community. What a great way to bring out the talented singers around East Texas, and to bring a reality check to the untalented young kids whose moms reassure their imaginary voices.

The winner of the contest gets to audition in front of the judges of American Idol like hundreds of other people. Unlike the hundreds of people that try out, the winner does not have to wait among the other contestants nor do they have to audition for anyone other than the final judges. In the past the finale judge board was occupied by Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, and Simon Cowell. Later song writer Kara DioGuardi, and comedian Ellen DeGeneres joined the board. This year’s judge’s panel is not set in stone, as of now the only returning judge is music producer Randy Jackson.

Fox 51 local news covers East Texas Idol. If you are interested in who won this year the KFXK Fox 51 and the KETK NBC websites have video and articles of the event. If you are interested in auditioning for East Texas Idol, every year this contest is held in the beginning of August and you can get information on Fox 51’s website.

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