Tyler Junior College’s New Rules

by admin on September 22, 2010

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There have been a lot of issues on the Tyler Junior College campus when it comes to gang related fights and robberies. The school campus is finally doing something about it. All students are required to wear their school identification card around their neck while they are on the school property. The security has also put up small fences on walls that gangs sat on and many fights broke out due to what gang sat where. All these fights seemed petty and pretty childish for college students. A lot of times guys would sit around the campus that are not students of Tyler Junior College, and many complaints have been made that these groups f guys would harass girls coming out of classes.

The rule of having to wear your identification bag has brought up some different feelings in students. I, personally, think that it is a great idea. I am sick of all the fights that break out by people hanging out around the school, only because they have no where better to be, and they are not students or involved with the school. The only complaints that I have heard about this rule is that people do not want to wear the identification cards because it does not match their clothes. You can pick out the apache freshmen when you walk into Wal-Mart and see them proudly wearing their id.

Another rule that Tyler Junior College has recently started to enforce is that the college campus has become smoke free. Although many times you can find students hiding behind buildings and in bushes, you now have to take the time to walk across the street to smoke.

Many students and staff have different opinions about these rules, but I think that the school is on their way to making the property a safer and cleaner campus.

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