Mercados Mexican Restaurant Tyler Texas

by admin on September 2, 2009

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 Mercado's Mexican Food

Mercado’s/Posada’s, Tyler, TX

8 out of 10 Stars – Rate Posado’s and Mercado’s and Give a Customer Review

 If you haven’t had the chance to try out either Mercado’s or Posada’s Mexican Restaurants in Tyler, TX, you should.  With good prices, excellent food and menu choices either of these restaurants is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner, weekend or weekday. Although the restaurants are considered Mexican, the menu consists of more of a “Tex-Mex” flavor rather than authentic Mexican.  Complimentary tortilla chips and salsa available along w/fresh flour or corn tortillas as long as each diner orders another menu item as a meal, even if it‘s an appetizer. These mexican restaurants also serve barbeque quail and have been for years. Good stuff! On very rare occasions, “fresh” tortillas are questionable but I’ve very rarely experienced this.  Because of the popularity of the Tyler restaurants, long waits may be expected at typical dining hours, especially on weekends. Most wait staff is attentive to customers and food delivery is considered average as compared to most dine-in restaurants. On a couple of occasions, waiter/waitress has been some-what neglecting to our needs. But overall, any opportunity to dine at Mercado’s or Posada’s is well worth it.

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