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Medical malpractice attorney tyler txIn Tyler TX the primary type of lawyer that spends money advertising in various forms are tort lawyers. Most people have not heard of this type of attorney but the more familiar names that are also considered tort attorneys are personal injury lawyers, medical malpractice attorneys, negligence lawyers, and product liability lawyers. I think almost everyone has seen billboard ads for local tort lawyer Earl Drott. His billboard ads span the entire city of Tyler and by now if you were to think of an attorney to call to assist with a medical malpractice claim or something similar you would likely give Earl a call because his ads are fresh on your mind. These lawyers make a lot of money per case and so it is worth it for them to advertise in very large TV and billboard campaigns.

I sometimes wish I could advertise to this degree as tort attorneys are able to do but that would require that businesses that list in this directory give me $50,000 to have a business listing and I don’t think very many people would go for that. Not to worry as the cost is still only $10 and $100 depending on the business listing you choose. We are not a subscription based directory but we will likely soon become one so get in while the price is still cheap. At this time auto accident attorney advertising on tyler texas televison seems to be the primary ad spots for attorneys selling their services in East Texas.

In 1976 a ban was lifted on advertising in the legal profession. Up until 1976 lawyers were only allowed to gather business through reputation and word of mouth. An Arizona case challenging the constitutionality of banning advertising in the legal profession went all the way to the United States Supreme Court which removed the ban on advertising. However, the US still allowed the State Bar to “regulate” advertising in order to make certain that the information presented was true and did not mislead others or make false claims. The Texas State bar association lifted their ban on advertising but still regulates advertising among Texas lawyers to make sure no one is misleading the public or giving the legal profession a bad name. I am sure we have all heard the term “ambulance chaser” which is a derogatory name for tort lawyers and this is why the state bar works to regulate and make sure the radio and TV ads do not cross a certain line.

Advertising among injury lawyers first began to focus on slip and fall victims. Just the other day I was in a Tyler TX car dealership and a Tyler gas station owner told me he was recently sued by his customer because they tripped on a rug that slipped under their feet as they walked out the door. Lately major pharmaceutical companies are increasingly becoming the target of personal injury lawyers and I know of some attorneys in the Tyler area that have won class action lawsuits against some of these pharmaceutical companies. My family has personal experience in being injured by a consumer product that contains formaldehyde in a baby bubble bath we used. Our baby broke out in a severe rash for several days from the high dose of formaldehyde and other ingredients found in the bath liquid. We did not hire a Tyler TX personal injury lawyer to sue a company but these are the types of situations lawyers in Tyler would fight for a consumer.

Two large topics that are covered in personal injury ads in Tyler are automobile crashes and medical malpractice victims. You have likely seen the “Strong Arm” advertising pretty much everyday on TV’s in Tyler ready to fight if you have been injured in a car accident. Loncar focuses on those who may have been hit by an 18 wheeler. The fact of the matter is that transportation companies make a fortune and have a lot of money. If you are hit by an 18 wheeler and win a lawsuit there could be substantial payments you could receive as well as your attorney. My friend was hit by an 18 wheeler at a red light. The truck just never stopped. My friend did receive a lot of money in the lawsuit but he also had to have a complete back surgery that has permanently disabled him in certain ways for life. These perspective clients like my friend usually seek damages for their medical bills, pain, and suffering. I would never wish a car accident upon myself or anyone regardless of the payment I might receive through a lawsuit and generally the payment isn’t really enough considering what may have happened.

Even though attorneys make a lot of money through lawsuits it is many times the best way to get the money to pay for surgeries and other things because of the personal injury you may have received. It isn’t exactly like winning the lottery since most people are severely injured. The lady at McDonald’s who won millions of dollars for a coffee burn definitely got more than she needed to fix a minor burn but in general personal injury law is very needed in this day and age. The Tyler Texas highways represent one of the easiest ways you could become injured during daily activity. It is good to know their are attorneys in town like Earl Drott and Brian Loncar to assist with different types of personal injury law.

To give you an idea on the type of money attorneys spend on advertising take these statistics into consideration. In the top seventy-five television markets nation wide two-thousand lawyers advertise on television and spend close to $200 million collectively on advertising. This is about $100,000 a year on ads per attorney. Looking at some of the billboard and TV ads in Tyler TX I would imagine that some of our local attorneys pay close to this amount which is really startling to think about. The ads that are placed are primarily directed at low income people in Tyler. The reason these ads are placed in low income areas and on TV stations focused at low income residents in Tyler is due to higher income residents already having contact with attorneys for other reasons like wills and contracts. About 20 percent of low income residents in Tyler find their lawyer through TV, billboard, and yellowpages ads. I imagine internet ads through cell phones will soon be a source if not already where local Tyler people will find personal injury lawyers.

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