K2 is Apparently a Synthetic Marijuana

by admin on September 28, 2010

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Da Hippie

This new thing called K2 has something in it that makes it a synthetic form of marijuana.

It supposedly can create the same types of effects as smoking a joint and because of this it has been banned in the city limits of cities like Tyler and Bullard Texas.

K2 is being sold outside the city limits of Tyler in gas stations and hippie type shops, hmmm…cough… Da Hippie.

When questioning if this leafy like substance can be smoked like pot you will likely be told, “It’s an incense for smelling but not for smoking, but off the record you can smoke this sh$&.

So right here in the Bible belt pot is somewhat legal in our backyard. Sure it has kind of snuck in through a sidedoor called incense but it’s here.

There are many knock offs out there called K2 that do nothing more for you than if you smoked oregano.

So we have this substance available while pot is illegal. It seems odd but pot is here in Tyler Texas and people are smoking it legally.

What is your opinion on this incense known as K2? Leave comments below.

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Dale October 10, 2010 at 3:59 pm

The drug culture is nothing new to Tyler. Those of you that have lived here long enough to remember the events of the book, "Smith County Justice" know that! I don't smoke pot. I don't condemn those that do. I do like to drink a beer or two now & then, but I do it at home. I don't take it to the streets. I am a professional driver, & I have to protect my license.

I once was a warehouse manager for a local business. I had a few members in my crew that I knew smoked pot. When I took over as manager, I told them this, "I don't care what you do in the privacy of your own home, on your own time. I know that some of you want to 'burn one' on the way to work. That stops NOW! Also, the 30 minutes you get for lunch may be YOUR time, but you're on MY time when you get back. I don't care if you leave this parking-lot with smoke boiling out of your windows at 5 o'clock, or you smoke a pound on the weekend, I DON'T CARE! I want to see your eyes OPEN & CLEAR when you're in MY shop! If you are on the clock & you get stupid, you WILL be tested!" My crew was OK with that.

I was born & raised in Tyler. I lived in Dallas & Houston for a few years. About the ONLY thing I miss about those cities is walking across the street to buy a 6-pack, instead of driving 15+ miles! The only reason Smith County is "Dry" is because of great institutions like Green Acres (AKA First National) Baptist Church. We can't be the enablers to all of the sinners' vices. We must keep the evil outside of our gates. You will NEVER hear a member of the church say, "I saw Brother Jim at KILO'S!" when they know the response would be, "What were YOU doing at KILO'S?". What once was founded on "The Power & the Glory" became "The Power of the MONEY!"

We don't need the City, County, State, or Federal Government to watch over us & "protect" us from ourselves. Actions have consequences. WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR ACTIONS! I may be dating myself here, but when I was in school, the last thing I wanted was a trip to the Princepal's office! He would give me a swat on the butt & a note to take home to my parents to be signed & returned. That swat was NOTHING compared to what I got at home! Mind you, I was not "Abused," but it was more than a swat!The same logic applies today. If you get caught D.U.I., you risk losing your job, your family, & respect.

I don't care if we made alcohol, as well as pot legal in Smith County. The bottom line is that WE are responsible for our OWN decisions & actions, as well as the consequences that they may bear.


joseph October 23, 2010 at 6:00 pm

As a thankful and recovering alcoholic, I find it soooo sad that this culture has so stupidly decided to allow alcohol to cause all of the loss of life and property that it does on a daily basis while pointing a finger at and villainizing marijuana, a drug that, in all seriousness, does not kill people, ruin families, etc. Thats just a fact. If you won't accept it from me, go on your ignorant way, uneducated, hill billy redneck.

I'm glad a synthetic alternative has been found for marijuana. The more in their face this issue is, and the harder it gets to enforce the silly laws, people will have to face facts. Cannabinoids do not kill people. Alcohol can kill from overdose, abrupt discontinuation of extended consumption, liver failure, hypertension, pancreatitis, accidents, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc….

Why do the ignorant people still hate marijuana but turn a blind eye to all of the property damage and death caused by alcohol????

PS The captcha on this website is the worst i've ever encountered.


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