East Texas Property Law: Intellectual Property Rights

by admin on October 8, 2010

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Just like anywhere else, East Texas property law is pretty straightforward. But what about property that isn’t an item like a car or jewelry. This is where intellectual property rights law comes into play. Things like inventions, works of writing, music, drawings, molds, and photographs are examples of what falls under the category of East Texas intellectual property rights law.

It is indeed tough to place a value on an intangible object such as an idea. If you are familiar with copyrights, then you are somewhat familiar with intellectual property rights law. Copyright law is actually a branch of intellectual property law, but it requires that the intellectual property be transferred into a tangible form in order for a copyright to be awarded. For example, a thought is made tangible when an author writes a book.

Obviously, this can lead to confusion and arguments in some cases that end up in our judicial system. In East Texas, property rights law suits are very popular and demand is increasing. Large settlements are common during intellectual property litigation, and there are many of these lawsuits filling up East Texas courtrooms. It’s like the attorneys new asbestos cancer gold mine.

In the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, defendants often choose to cut their losses and settle rather than fight. This is due to the fact that this court is known to favor plaintiffs and for expertise in patent and intellectual property rights suits.

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