A Weekend of Heartache for Texas Sports Fans

by admin on October 11, 2010

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Rangers Game Cowboys Stadium

Cowboys Stadium

Ok let’s just say it; this past weekend was a disaster for Texas Sports fans. I had the pleasure of attending the Ranger’s game on Sunday, and after watching them lose game four (and possibly the series); I had the displeasure of hearing the Cowboys gift wrap their game for Tennessee, while I was riding home to Tyler. And not only did our beloved Dallas franchises take it on the chin, but the Houston Texans managed to drop their game to the New York Giants. Oh I just love to lose competitions to that humble city! Even my Fantasy team lost this week! If I had to look high and low for a Texas victory this weekend, (and I did) I could always look to Texas Tech who defeated their opponent 45-38. Of course they were playing Baylor! So I guess that works out to a tie for most of us.

The whole day (Sunday) started out so perfectly that as I reflect back on it, it’s still hard to believe it all went so wrong! My friends and family and I drove up early Sunday morning. It was a beautiful autumn day, and as we strolled past that beautiful Cowboy’s stadium toward the Ball Park, surrounded by devotees of both teams, it was difficult not to be optimistic. Little did we foresee the long trip home that awaited us just three and a half hours later.

Of all the weekend’s losses the Ranger’s was the hardest to take. But Texas has one last chance to steal back the series tomorrow night. And Cliff Lee will get his chance to add his name to the list of the state’s sports heroes. I confess I’m not overly optimistic, but a win Tuesday could still redeem the weekend, because (as a friend pointed out) should we advance I have every intention telling anyone who’ll listen that “I was at that series!” I just won’t make a point of saying which game.

Rangers Field Outside

Rangers Ball Park

Ultimately the weekend wasn’t a total loss. I took my son to the first Rangers playoff series in over ten years. A Texas Towel now hangs on his bedroom wall, and for a few days he’s reverted from playing almost solely football back to baseball. All indications are that his attention will be back on the Cowboys and football by the end of the week, but for at least one more game, the Rangers are in the playoffs!

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