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by admin on October 12, 2010

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Burger House Tyler Texas

Burger House Tyler Texas

Burger House has brought a great pride to East Texas. The fun “every one knows your name” atmosphere makes your experience of eating at Burger House more enjoyable. Between the giant chalk board and the few video games, my kids have fun when they eat here. The restaurant has a great monument painted on the walls resembling all the greatest treasures in Tyler.

Besides the paintings on the walls and the small video games, Burger House offers great food. They have a great selection of burgers that are made just to your liking. Before eating there I really had not heard very many reports about Burger House. I think that the new burger restaurant Smash Burger has over shadowed Burger House. Burger House has other food than just burgers; they also have chicken sandwiches and hotdogs. The restaurant has chili cheese fries, if you can get over the guilt of the 10 pounds you are putting on from the deep fried potatoes, thick chili, and melted cheese, you will realize how great the food is here.

Not only is the food comparable to the popular Smash Burger, the prices are comparable to. You can eat somewhat cheap here and the servings are large enough to share. They have perfect portions for your small children. Your children can choose their favorite meal from the selections of burger, corn dog, or hotdog. Burger House has two rooms with televisions; usually play the popular sports game or Fox News. Burger house is a fun place to hang out and the food is pretty great too!

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William Parr November 3, 2010 at 11:44 pm

I passed by the site where they originally had their restaurant with a drive thru yesterday and they were GONE! Where did they go???


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