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by admin on December 14, 2009

in Clothing

       As you walk into the cute re-sale store you are greeted by the nice staff. Aren’t Kids Cute has a few different rooms full of clothes and toys for children of all ages. Since this is a re-sale store make sure that you double check every piece of clothing that you purchase to make sure that there is no stains or rips.

        I have always have had good experiences with the clothing here, though you can tell that things are older and have been used before. You can always find a great deal here, but I have seen things that, in my opinion, were some what over priced. You may have to dig but you will find something for all your children. When you walk up to the large deck, you will find a great selection of swings and high chairs. Most of which are in very great shape.

       The staff are always very kind and helpful. They are quick to answer any questions you might have about donating or help you if you are trying to find anything specific. Arndt Kids Cute also sells adorable homemade hair bows. Each are priced according to size.

      Come see what is new at Aren’t Kids Cute and find a great deal on cute clothes in Tyler!

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