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by admin on October 14, 2010

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Jacksonville Family Chiropractor

Dr. Morgan is a chiropractor and nutritionist in Jacksonville, Texas. I have always heard about the way that he diagnoses people and how questionable his strange ways are. Dr. Morgan does some strange things, like pull on pressure point on you body and watch your reactions just to see what vitamins you are missing, he also will ask you to hold small glass bottles with clear liquid and push on your other hand to check your strength. By doing this he sees what foods your body is rejecting. Even though the way he diagnoses his patients are questionable and to be honest, a little hokey, the results are undeniable.

He helps people of all ages and people with all different problems. My daughter has been doing the oddest thing for the past few months, which was eating strange things like chalk, dirt, paper, and even dry wall. It was really strange for her to act that way. I started to worry because she started to hardly eat food, even if it was her favorite foods. I began to get really worried and quickly called her doctor. He told me to just give her iron vitamins. I tried that and nothing improved. So I decided to investigate, I quickly discovered that there is a eating disorder called PICA that three year olds can get. Basically small children eat dirt instead of food to get that full feeling. I got really worried so I took her to Dr. Morgan. He did a strange method to find what her body was missing and what her body is rejecting. The doctor gave her chewable supplements to take a couple times a day, and told me to keep her off of MSG. Once I began to do what the doctor said within a couple days I saw such a huge difference. Not only did she start to eat her food and stopped crazy dirt, she was able to communicate better, and listen to direction much easier. I was impressed with her attitude and obedience. It was like she could finally think clearly.

My daughter is one of many people that has changed their health and lives because of Dr. Morgan. I still am not a complete believer in his ways. I don’t understand how he can see that you have gallbladder problems by pushing on your hand, but the results are clear. He provides his patients with a natural way to live a healthy and happy life.

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