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Fresh Grocery Store in Tyler TX

Brookshires Fresh

Brookshires Fresh

Coming soon Brookshire’s Grocery Company is introducing their newest store Fresh. Fresh will be like no other store that east Texas has seen. The grocery store will have the freshest products and will have a great selection of healthy foods and supplements. The prices of Fresh will be higher than other grocery stores in Tyler, but the quality of food will be some of the best around. Fresh will some what resemble the popular Central Market in Austin, Texas.

Brookshires Fresh

Fresh Grocery Store

The construction of Fresh has started and hopefully will be opened next year (2011). The store will still have the friendly customer service that you can find at other Brookshire’s Grocery Stores. This development is a great new establishment for East Texas.

I am really looking forward to this store and I am glad that the store has started going up. At one point I heard that the organic grocery store was going to open this month but by driving by the location I can not see how that is going to happen. Brookshire’s company is bringing Fresh to Tyler to give a whole new experience of grocery shopping. Fresh will bring a new way of healthy eating, shopping, and living to East Texas.

Fresh Logo
Gluten Free by Fresh
Fresh Bakery sign
Fresh Cakes
Fresh Bakery Items
Fresh Desserts
Fresh Pastries
Fresh Bakery
Fresh Coffee
Fresh Gelato
Fresh Tacos and Sandwiches to Go
Fresh Gourmet Sandwiches
Fresh Salad Bar
Fresh Chef Prepared
Fresh Olive Bar
Fresh Dip Bar
Fresh Grocery Store Meat Aisle
Fresh Meat Market
Fresh in Tyler
Fresh by Brookshires

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M McMahon May 3, 2011 at 4:09 am

I visited your store Fresh, this past Sunday. It is a wonderful place to shop. You have so many products that are unavailable anywhere else.


Frances Lewis June 23, 2011 at 1:56 pm

I want to tell you about an experience I had today at Fresh. First off I do want to say I like the store. The freshologist are so very helpful and I like their approach. Now for today, I came in to shop and I did and upon getting ready to go to my car I discovered I could not find my keys. So after repeating my search I decided to go to the help desk and see if any one had turned in keys. The answer was no, Nevertheless a young lady Named Valarie Flores said she would try and find help and then a young lady name Traci located in Catering dept pitched in to see if she could get the door open, and after several tries with a stick and a thing made for opening doors, her attempts were ended. But determined to help me Ms Flores went and got a young man named Jordon Corsant ( hope spelling is right ) and after several attempts he was successful. Another young man came up named Ronny Lumpkin. And he wanted to be helpful and he asked could he put my refrigerated items in a cooler for me but Valarie Flores had already done that so when Jordon got the door open Ronny Lumpkin went without being asked and got my refrigerated items for me, I will never forget them for their kindness. I want you guys to know how compassionate these four young people are.

Frances Lewis


S H July 2, 2011 at 4:33 am

When the store first opened your shelves where stocked with Spectrum Organic Golden Balsamic Vinegar I bought 6 bottles at that time and then went back and bought a couple of more. I have kept going back but you have been out. Could you please order some more. I would like 8 bottles. Thank you

S H Palestine, Texas


admin July 2, 2011 at 5:31 am


This is a Tyler TX blog and we wrote an article about Fresh. You can call or reach Fresh grocery store by visiting the Brookshire grocery store website and contacting them from their contact page.


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