Joe’s Promise

by admin on October 20, 2010

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It was a few years ago that we first started to eat at the small Italian restaurant in Tyler TX, Joe’s Italian Grill. We liked the pasta, pizzas, and prices. When I was in high school a big group of us went to Joe’s Italian Grill. One person from our group wanted to order a salad and asked if they had Thousand Island salad dressing, because they did not he asked to the manager, and the waitress said that Joe, himself, was there. He came out and talked to him.

When person told him that he would love to see Joe’s restaurant offer Thousand Island, and if they did he would recommend the restaurant and would give them a lot of his business. Joe promised him that the next time he came to the restaurant he would be able to order his salad the way he wanted it. People through out the restaurant cheered and clapped for the owner. A couple weeks passed and we revisited, when someone once again ordered a salad with Thousand Island, I was surprised that they did not offer the salad dressing.

Even months later, they did not offer the dressing. Having the salad dressing was not the issue in this situation. If an owner promises his costumers to their faces and shake their hands they should keep to their word. Because of the broken promise people did not return to the restaurant.

                Recently Joe’s Italian Grill opened a second restaurant just across the road. I do not really understand how they have two restaurants since every time I have gone to the original one there was hardly anyone there. I do like the food at Joe’s grill. I like how you can make your table private by letting down a curtain to exclude you from the rest of the restaurant. The shrimp tortellini is one of Joe’s best dishes, and one of the best tortellini dishes I have ever had.

               I do understand why people hold this strange grudge towards Joe’s Italian Grill. If you are not going to keep your promises than do not make a guarantee that you can not keep. I will keep eating there because of the great food and I never felt like they did wrong towards me.

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