Shakespeare Festival

by admin on October 25, 2010

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Shakespeare Festival Kilgore TX

Shakespeare Festival

The summer has ended and we welcome the fall season. Sadly, that ends this season of The Shakespeare Festival in Kilgore Texas. If you missed this season of comedy and romance, there will be a new season of fun plays starting up next summer. This summer the festival put on five very different plays.

Although the Shakespeare Festival has done this play in the pas, they brought back one of the most loved plays that has been acted on their stage, Two Gentlemen of Verona, written by William Shakespeare. The comical play is about two men that are in love with the same women. Director Gregg W. Brevoort brings the play to life with great talented actors and fun music that is from the 1930’s.

One of Shakespeare’s most love romantic plays, As You Like It, was acted out beautifully. The actors drew you into a different world for a moment. Jack Young allowed us to enter his mind as a director, and see his vision of Shakespeare’s play. Brendon Fox brings the fast pasted and fun play, The Learned Ladies, to the Kilgore stage. Moliere wrote this fun romantic comedy. The extreme costumes and bright fun colors made the play even more fun and exciting. Writer Richard Rodgers along with director and Choreographer Alan Souza retell the Biblical story of Noah and the ark in a fun and Musical way. The play was done tastefully. This was another great show of colors and costumes that made the play even more fun. Every year they put on a play that is fun for the whole family. This year the brought to life the well know and loved fable, The Tortoise and he Hare by Alan Broadhurst. Jennifer Burke brought fun loving characters to life. With a fun cast they were able to bring humor and entertainment to people and families of all ages.

Although this year of plays has pasted next year will begin and you will be able to enjoy more fun characters, amazing costumes, romantic comedies that will leave you laughing, and tragedies that will leave you in tears. The Shakespeare festival is great entertainment and is not much more expensive than going to see a movie in the theater.

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