Tyler, Texas Weight Loss: A Gym can get you there

by admin on October 14, 2010

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Tyler Texas Gym

Tyler Texas Gym

Before you go out and join a gym and definitely before you commit to a year long gym membership I recommend creating your own exercise routine at your home and sticking to it for atleast a year. If you can maintain a good exercise routine at your home for a year doing some type of exercise everyday you can justify a commitment to a gym. You see a Tyler Texas gym membership takes even more discipline and commitment than doing exercise conveniently from your own home.

There is an exception to the whole anti-gym membership idea and that is if you utilize a personal trainer at a gym. The good thing is XTC Fitness has several fitness programs where the personal trainer comes free during the class. If you decide to join a gym I recommend doing a class such as the kickboxing class offered by Tony Cruz’s XTC Fitness gym.

The class is designed for girls or guys and is no wussified class as I am a guy and I take a great deal of pride in my own manliness and find nothing simple or easy about kickboxing but do find it astonishing how good I feel each day now and how easily I shed the pounds.

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Walking over to a chin up bar that is stationed on your hallway doorway takes about 10 seconds. Driving to a gym takes quite a bit longer and requires that you schedule and prioritize things around your excursion from your home to a gym. Many times exercise from home does not require that you change up your schedule at all. You can simply exercise at home when an available slot opens up.

The gym however can work out quite well if you fit it in during your lunch during a 45 minute work out program designed for working men and women as XTC Fitness in Tyler TX offers.

If my thinking on this sounds new and different to what you had in mind take some time to let it sink in as you will save hundreds of dollars by waiting to see if you can even stick to an exercise routine from the convenience of your home. I personally have yet to be able to commit to a year of exercise at home.

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An alternative to a gym membership for those who still want to join a gym even if they have yet to establish a home exercise routine is to enroll in a weight lifting exercise class a TJC. TJC offers an exceptional weight lifting, jogging, and excercise class in one that comes with a free personal trainer aka your teacher. You will be taught into shape over the course of a semester and can continue on from there.

A TJC gym class is perhaps the best bang for your buck and a very good way to motivate yourself back into shape.

When all of this is taken into account, it seems a gym membership amounts to nothing more than a waste of good money.  However, there are good reasons to throw caution to the wind and just take the plunge.  A gym offers a much wider range of quality exercise equipment than most people would have room to store, even if they could afford it.  Many gyms also offer specialized classes where members can sign up to work-out in ways that interest them, keeping exercise fun and less boring.

Additionally, when you spend your hard earned money on a gym membership the motivation is there to get your money’s worth.  You will be more likely to make the time to work out when you have invested money into it.  As for the embarrassment factor, there’s not much to be done except know that in a few weeks you’ll be showing your stuff with the best of them.

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