Sonic Tyler TX

by admin on October 22, 2010

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Sonic Tyler TX

Sonic Tyler TX

To tip or not to tip? The question of tipping the Sonic car hops has many different opinions and answers. Many people think that they should not tip because it is fast food and you are eating in your car. You probably will have to clean up your own trash out of your car. The car hops do not get paid minimum wage most of the time because they are expected to get tips.

I don’t really know where I stand on the issue. When I have sat in my car and the car hop brought my food out to me I usually give them a small tip like a dollar, I may give more if they actually still wore skates. When you are paying with a card at the drive up, you do not get the choice to tip. So if Sonic made it easy and clearer if you were suppose to tip the car hops, maybe more people would.

I am not a big fan of the Sonic food. There really are two reasons to go to Sonic: sand volleyball, and drinks. Many Sonics in Tyler do not have the sand volleyball court, or the play area. The only thing that those Sonics have going for them is the large selections of Sonic drinks and ice cream treats.

For some reason Sonic ice is the best ice around. The other night I was having a huge craving for a Sonic Snickers Blast. The Sonic was suppose to about an hour and half after I got there, but when I asked for my ice cream treat they had informed me that they already had shut down and cleaned the ice cream machine. This is a really annoying thing that fast food places do.

If the restaurant is not closed I expect them to serve everything on the menu. There really is no reason to go to sonic if they wont serve the menu that they claim they serve the WHOLE menu all day!

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