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by admin on October 25, 2010

in Childrens Clothing

Even with all the crowds, all of the annoying salesmen, and all the weird smells, the mall is worth going to when you have small children for only a couple stores, one being, The Children’s Place. I love to go to The Children’s Place just about anytime of the year.

They are always setting the newest trends in the children’s fashion world. For some reason it seems that when girls get to be around six or seven it is hard to find cute appropriate clothes. The thing I love about The Children’s Place is that their clothing for older girls is very cute, colorful, and modest.

Here you can actually find dresses and skirts for your daughter that is at least to her knees, that se will be happy to wear.

I wish that The Children’s Place did registrations. I would have registered there with each one of my pregnancies. The baby and toddler clothing selection is some of my favorite clothes that I can find anywhere. Most of the times that I go to The Children’s place I usually walk out with at least something for my daughters.

Not only does The Children’s Place have cute clothes for little girls, but they have a great selection for little boys. I love the little Polo shirts that are for toddler boys. They have all colors and sizes. Here you can find cute jeans for both boys and girls of all ages, for a great price.

The Children’s Place is definitely the best addition that has come to the Broadway Square mall. I really love this store. You can shop there for any season of holiday that is coming up. You can get your children outfits for Easter, Christmas, or even fun Halloween costumes.

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