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by admin on October 20, 2010

in Tyler Businesses

Lindale has opened a walk in Pizza Hut. I really like the pizza here. Pizza Hut has great pizza and is known for their great selection of pizza crust. Although I really like the pizza and food here I was greatly disappointed the first time that I had gotten pizza from the Lindale Pizza Hut. When I walked into the small store with my sister I saw a small red sign under the cash register that said tat if the employee does not offer to show the costumer their pizza before they hand it over, the costumer will get their pizza for free. We ordered our pizza and the young man behind the counter only had to deal with a couple phone calls and one other costumer besides us. We had about twenty minutes to spare before our order was done. We walked around the stores next to Pizza Hut, such as, Cato and Katie’s. When we came back the pizza was ready to go. The young employee handed us our pizza and did not offer to open the box and show us our order. I pointed out the sign and some what jokingly said that we should get our pizza for free. The employee got really upset that I would call him out on his mistake. I really was not going to make him to give it to me until he got mad at me and claimed that he was extremely busy (there was no one else in the store at this point) and it was wrong that I point out the policy. We ended up just walking out with our pizza and not getting it for free. I should of went back and complained but I knew that my family may have been annoyed when I brought back cold pizza. I was really frustrated that the employee gave such attitude. I like Pizza Hut pizza, but next time I go to Pizza Hut and the employee does not show me the pizza before handing it over, I will ask to get my pizza for free, no matter what excuse the employee gives me

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