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by admin on December 14, 2009

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                   It was just a few years ago, when you waked into a Blockbuster movie rental store, it would be crowded with people looking for that perfect Friday night movie. Now, in the world of Red Box and NetFlix and Wal-Mart’s $5 DVDs, you might find a couple people looking for a good sale on used new release DVDs.

                  I am one of the many people who has abandoned my Blockbuster days, and founded a cheaper easier way to get the movie you want. The RedBox, Blockbuster’s most recent nemesis. What is more convent than to do your grocery shopping and quickly pick up a movie to watch? I know the trick of Red Box, that it’s a dollar a night, adding up to could cost you a lot of money. But honestly who doesn’t go to Wal-Mart about every other day, or if you are as forgetful as I am, everyday?

                  In the hope of survival, a couple years ago Blockbuster announced they are dropping their “late fees”, or more bluntly wording it, candy coating their late fees. It is no longer called “late fees” but now “restocking fees” if you keep the movie to long you will have to pay for the cost of the movie, or if you return it much later you will have to pay a “restocking fee” to pay for it being put back on the shelf. Seriously? Call it what it is. You are paying because you returned the movie rental to late, therefore it’s a late fee. But even with the loud colorful banners, Blockbusters are still running out of business. Stores are closing in Tyler. They are trying to keep up with the growing electronic world, replacing the DVD collection with Blue Ray movies. Also to keep up with the NetFlix population, Blockbuster started a monthly deal that you can either get movies in the mail, by ordering off the website, or to go to the store and return or pick up a movie. I don’t really know hy this hasn’t caught on as fast as NetFlix. I would not be surprised if in a couple years, Blockbuster becomes an internet company.

                 I will admit that I have gone to Blockbuster somewhat recently. They were selling fairly new movies for $2-$6, so keep your eyes opened as you drive by the blue and yellow stores, you might find a good deal.

                I know I am one of the many people that has not thought about renting a movie from Blockbuster but still has a movie in the blue and white box sitting on the self from years ago. So to let the whole of East Texas know, there is still Blockbusters in Tyler and you might find a good deal during their fight to survive.

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