Weight loss in Tyler, Texas: Learn portion control

by admin on November 7, 2010

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Tyler TX Portion Control

Tyler TX Portion Control

It is quite possible that the number one cause for the obesity epidemic today has more to do with portion sizes and less to do with what the actual foods are.  While it is true that fatty, processed foods are less healthy for us than fresh and natural choices, the problems arise when they are eaten in excess.  A simple hamburger from the local Tyler, Texas fast food joint won’t have any lasting detrimental effects on its own.  It is when the hamburger is made to be double or triple the normal serving size and consumed in conjunction with the largest side of fries available and a 36 ounce soft drink that people begin to experience weight gain.

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Consume these portion sizes every day, several times a day and it won’t be long before you start noticing your clothes are getting a bit snug.  Moderation is the key to maintaining a healthy weight.  You do not have to dine on lettuce and carrots exclusively, nor should you.  A healthy diet is not about deprivation as much as it is about moderation.  Learn what a serving size it, how to measure it, and do not allow yourself to consume more than that.

Make the bulk of your Tyler, Texas diet unprocessed, healthy foods in portions appropriate for your body.  When you do indulge, do it wisely and do not over indulge.  There is no reason you can’t enjoy a fully loaded sundae every once in a while…just make it a small one and don’t make it a daily habit.

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