Hotel Horror

by admin on December 15, 2009

in Hotels

As you drive through Tyler you see the growth and improvements. But if you drive through the north side of Tyler you see a complete different flavor of our growing city. You drive down the highway and see hotels falling apart and if you drive pass just at the right time you might see half-dressed people shouting at your car. I don’t know why the city of Tyler does not clean up these hotels. I feel like this is a big issue in our city. Not only do the ugly buildings bring down the beauty of the city and the value but also attracts drug trafficking. I know that these run down hotels are hotspots for “questionable” guests.

I once drove passed the run down hotel, Siesta Inn, to see a lady standing on the road throwing stuff on the road and yelling at the cars. The American Inn is another trashed out hotel in the north side. When a pizza delivery company cannot deliver pizza somewhere for fear that there delivery boys may get robbed or even killed, than we know that there is a problem. But why is the city not doing anything about it?

Maybe if they cleaned up this town and shut down these hotels that bring down the beauty of our city, than we could also cut down the drug trafficking and bring down the crime rate. Its not a very well-kept secret that there is constantly drug busts at these hotels. So why is it such an unthinkable idea to shut these businesses down? Why cant we clean up the city?

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