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by admin on December 15, 2009

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As I sat down to write today’s article for Petsmart, I realized something. Petsmart is much more than a place to get the right type of food to whiten your dog’s teeth, pet grooming or to make your cat poop in the litter box not the clothes hamper, but it’s a place to find and train cheap love. Love ain’t free? No, it isn’t free but it can be bought and taught. When it comes to people love is a difficult issue. Though many women would not like to believe it but the truth is coming out, humans are non trainable. I am not talking about teaching a child to go to the potty or a young boy to throw a baseball correctly, I am talking about training.

Everyday when you come home, that same dog runs up to your door with that same excited look on its face as if it wants to tell you about the squirrel and it chased today or which neighbor’s flower bed it dug up. And no matter how many times you hit that dog over the head with a rolled up news paper because its chewing up your brand new shoes, that dog still greets you at the door. Cheap love.

Petsmart’s theme is that they love to see healthy and happy pets. Even as you walk through the door you may not be greeted but your dog will. Your dog will be shown the newest fashions in the dog world. As the holidays role in you can dress your dog for Christmas is a Santa jacket and hat. You can even find a stocking for your animal, because we don’t want to see the disappointed look on our goldfish when they don’t get a treasure chest for the fish bowl on December 25th.

Petsmart has special training classes for your animals. And this holiday get your animal’s picture taken with Santa! I find it annoying, the fuss over your animals to dress up and get your pictures taken with Santa, almost as annoying as the idea of strollers for dogs, or dogs carried in purses. If dogs cannot walk on a leash I don’t get the point of a dog then.

You will find what you need at Petsmart. Food and cages, birds, fish and hamsters, you can by all your animals needs in this one store. But if you are like me you have to ignore the corky little things the die hard pet-lovers do.

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