Are You Ready to Move Your Elderly Relative into Your Tyler, Texas Home?

by admin on November 21, 2010

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Do you have an elderly relative that, while still mobile and mentally alert, is having some issues that you feel require the relative to have more supervision? If you are feeling that this relative needs someone around more often than not, it may cross your mind to invite this elderly relative to move into your home with your family in Tyler, Texas. But is this a good idea?

First of all, consider the amount of space you have in your house. Is there enough space for this relative to have their own bedroom? What about the number of bathrooms in the home? Is there at least one that can be converted to a bathroom for your elderly relative to use and bathe in safety? Also, you must consider how the rest of your family gets along with this relative. If any of these questions are answered in a negative light, you may want to reconsider this particular living arrangement in favor of something a bit different but just as safe.

On the other hand, if you have an extra bedroom in your Tyler, Texas home that isn’t really being used, as well as a bathroom that can be outfitted with tub rails and a toilet chair, you could be in business. Add to that the fact that your family adores this relative and would love to have them as an integral part of the household and it may be the ideal arrangement. Now you only have to convince the elderly relative that it’s the perfect idea.

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