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by admin on November 10, 2010

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Oliver North

Marine Corp vet, war hero, author and Fox News personality Oliver North will be in Tyler on Sunday, November 14th in order to hold a book signing at Barnes and Noble Booksellers. During the 1980s the Colonel was a lightning rod for controversy due to his role in covert affairs like Iran- Contra. He became a conservative icon when he testified forcefully before congress in 1987 regarding that policy.

Even today North often plays a central role in all kinds of internet whack- job conspiracy theories. Enter his name into Google and your likely find all sorts stories propagated by strange men in their forties who sit hunched over their computers in their parents basements narrating plots involving Colonel North, Jack Bauer and Dale Gribble.

Proponents of such nonsense by the way, consistently accuse non- believers of naiveté for their failure to buy into their elaborate contrivances. In general, I accept the notion that the simplest answer is probably the best answer, not always mind you, but usually. In general I detest conspiracy theories as they muddle the truth to the point that it becomes difficult for people to distinguish it even when reality stares them in the face. But I digress.

Since his days serving in the administrations of Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, Colonel North has become a tireless advocate for the American servicemen, both at home and abroad. His latest book is entitled: American Heroes: Special Operations. The book chronicles the struggles and sacrifices of the American special ops forces serving in the war against terror, in all theaters. The book also features the work of photo journalist Chuck Holton.

It is a moving tribute to our soldiers in harm’s way and the timing of its release, (right before Veteran’s day) was very appropriate. Regardless of political persuasion Colonel North’s work on behalf of Americans in uniform is something we all can and should support. I trust Tylerites will give Mr. North a warm welcome. For more information on North’s visit to Tyler see the following website: http://www.kltv.com/Global/story.asp?S=13452684; or call the Tyler Barnes and Noble at (903) 534-3996.

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