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Every year the most popular toys change and it seems like they get more expensive. I think that the easiest place to Christmas shop is Wal-Mart. They have all the newest toys at a cheaper price than Target or Toys R Us. This year three huge kid’s movies came out on video and along with the videos came a whole line of toys. Wal-Mart has a huge selection of “Toy Story 3” toys, “How to Train Your Dragon” toys, and “Beauty and the Beast” toys.

Toy Story action figures and toys are one of the biggest hits for the 2010 Christmas year. Wal-Mart has Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jesse, and Rex dolls for the lowest price around. These dolls talk or roar. Wal-Mart has the entire Toy Story action figure for five dollars. These action figures are a great stocking stuffer! Kids of all ages will have fun playing Toy Story 3 board games.

How to train your dragonHow To Train Your Dragon movie and toys have become one of the top items on little boy’s Christmas list. Wal-Mart has cheap action figures, play sets, and even Viking dress up toys. Your kids will love the large action figures of the fire-breathing Night Fury. More exciting toys that are the most popular for young boys are Bakugan toys, awesome Star Wars The Clone War action figures, Transformer action figures, and all your boy need to become Iron Man. Stinky the Garbage Truck quickly became a huge hit. Target, Wal-Mart, and Toys R Us display Stinky and show off his awesome tricks. Wal-Mart sales Stinky for at least ten dollars less than both Target and Toys R Us.

For young children and toddlers the most important thing now a day is what a child can learn from a toy. Wal-Mart sells the two most popular toddler toy brands; Playskool and Fisher-Price. These toys are great to help your kids learn how to crawl, walk, talk, and play. Your little children will love all the Nick Jr. and Disney toys. The dancing, moon walking, singing, and shaking Dance Star Mickey Mouse just might become as popular as the “tickle me Elmo” from about ten years ago. Dora the Explorer dolls are always a big hit for young girls. The two most popular dolls this Christmas season are the Singing Birthday Dora and We Did It Dora. Your young girls can learn about each season with the Dora Window Surprise Dollhouse.

You most likely have seen the many commercials for the popular “Your Baby Cant Read” products. The different sets of books DVDs and flash cards teach your baby different words as they are growing up. The salesmen recommend you start this process before the age of three. Simply a word or short phrase is placed on the television screen and then you will see some one doing what the word or phase said, such as the phrase “arms up” or if the word was “dog” you will see a dog. Wal-Mart just started to carry the “Your Baby Can Read” package for less than half the price that is asked for over the television commercials.

Two more popular brands of educational toys are Leap Frog and Vtech. Leap Frog came out with the new way to explore books, Tag. With Tag your child can simply place the pointer onto a Tag book and the pointer with read what is on the page. There are many different Tag books for both boys and girls.

Leap Frog also have the held hand learning system, Explorer Learning Experience. It has over 4 fun video games that are all extremely educational. Vtech has many different games, books and toys that are very education for children of all ages. Young toddlers can have fun with the Vtech 3 in one learning scooter and ride-a-long, and the Vtech light up bath toys. The Vtech V-reader will help your kids sound out words as they learn to read. There are many selections of “E-books” with popular characters such as Dora the Explorer, Toy Story’s Woody and Buzz, and the Disney princesses.

Nothing is more exciting to a young girl than the pink aisle in the toy section of Wal-Mart. Coming to theater soon is the movie Tangled. Wal-Mart has all the Tangled toys, such as; Rapunzel Sparkle Princess fashion Doll, Rapunzel Braiding Friends hair Braider, Rapunzel Wedding Gift Set, and even the Disney Rapunzel Fairytale Tower. Barbie have been around and loved for generations. Wal-Mart has a large selection of Barbie dolls. The newest exciting thing is the Barbie 3-Story Dream Townhouse. Each floor has great furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Disney fairies have all the fun toys to bring them into an imaginary world. You can get anything from light up fairies to dresses that a little girl can dress up as a fairy. The Disney Fairies Tinker Bell’s Talking Café is on sale at Wal-Mart. The Café sound all different effects, songs, and actual voices from the movie. The café includes 17 different accessories. Wal-Mart sells Disney Fairies action figure for only five dollar. Disney princess movies have been coming out of the Disney vault and released on DVD and Blu-ray. With the movies coming back also comes the many toys. The entire Disney princess dolls are on sale for only ten dollars. Young girls will love the Disney Princess Magic Rise Oven and the Disney Princess royal Castle with all different small princesses.

Wal Mart Always Low Prices

Low Priced Christmas Gifts at Wal Mart

For a fun night with the family, Wal-Mart has many popular games such as Memory, Candy Land, and Monopoly for only five dollars. Your family will have fun with all the different game consoles. Xbox 360 has the awesome new sensor that recognizes your every movement. The Kinect games need no controllers to play the new fun video games, such as dance central. The new red Wii console has all different video games for less than $50. The new Wii bundle set comes with two new video games, Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Wii Sports.

Kinect Console Tyler Texas

Kinect Game Console in Tyler Texas

For fun movie nights with the family you can find all the new released movies at Wal-Mart in both DVD and Blu-Ray. These new releases include How to Train a Dragon, Iron Man 2, Toy Story 1,2, & 3, and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

The many different gift ideas can all be found at Wal-Mart for a lower price. You can find all your children’s wish list gifts at a one stop store. Have a great Christmas with your family for the lowest prices in town.

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