Hollytree’s light displays

by admin on November 18, 2010

in Tyler Businesses

Tyler Texas Christmas LightsIf you do not feel like paying money to see Christmas lights, than you can take your family to the Hollytree gated neighborhood. The fancy houses are each decorated with amazing displays of colorful lights. A couple houses even have a radio station that you can tune into to and watch a light display that goes along with the music. Many of the house’s Christmas light display are amazing.

But there is one huge down side to going to the Hollytree neighborhood, and that is traffic. Every year as you first pull into the neighborhood you are greeted by an extremely long line of cars and horrible drivers. I always feel bad for the people that live in the neighborhood that are just trying to get home.

One of the first houses you will see when you drive into Hollytree in Tyler Texas does one of the biggest light displays every year. They rent out a radio station that goes along with their colorful and vibrant Christmas lights. My kids love to go here and see all the different lights! I think that going through this neighborhood is a fun and free way to celebrate Christmas and spend time as a family.

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