The Hague Sports

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The Hague Sports

The Hague sports started as nothing more than a blog written by a Stephen F. Austin State University student. As Nathan Hague, along with Luke Johnson, began to do podcasts, (internet radio shows) they began to expand, and they opened a new website

The show started with Nathan Hague, the host of the show and sportswriter who prides himself on his many interviews of big named athletes. Along with Nathan was Luke “Ocho-Cinco” Johnson, who is known for his love of two things, the A&M Aggies and Brett Favre. Joining them later on were Stephen Todd, known for his self-proclaimed nickname Stevie-Westside, and Ben Dieter, one of Texas Rangers’ most loyal fans. Jason Hague is a frequent guest on the Hague Sports, who brings a little more sarcasm to the show, and has an ongoing argument with Luke Ocho-Cinco about who is the best quarterback of the NFL.

The Hague Sports covers many college and professional sports. The biggest subjects covered by the show are college and professional football, college and professional basketball, and professional baseball. One of the most popular traditions of the show is the “Drama Queen Award”. This award is given to someone involved in the sports world that starts drama or causes a fuss. A few of the cast members nominate a different person involved in sports and they vote on who has caused more drama, and crown them that weeks Drama Queen.

The show and articles on are quite entertaining, and always up to date with the news in the sports world. It is fun to tune in to hear the cast members give each other a hard time and place fun bets on game picks. The cast gives a whole new perspective on sporting events.

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